Welcome to Assured Direct Care – Your Premier Destination for Affordable Health Insurance and Business Insurance in Idaho!
?? Affordable Health Insurance Alternative: Experience a revolutionary approach to healthcare with our proven Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. Enjoy up to a 30% reduction in total healthcare costs, providing quality care at stable prices for your business.
?? Business Insurance Idaho: Assured Direct Care is your partner in redefining small business insurance in Idaho. Our network of conveniently located clinics offers a game-changing solution that empowers both employers and employees.
???? Healthcare Provider: Prioritize your well-being with our DPC model. Our physicians manage smaller patient panels, ensuring personalized attention, comprehensive care, and unhurried appointments to foster a strong doctor-patient relationship.
?? Health Insurance Options: Explore a new world of healthcare options with Assured Direct Care. Our extensive clinic network provides employees with choices, transparency, and flexibility to select a provider aligned with their values.
?? Private Health Insurance: Bid farewell to complex copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. Assured Direct Care offers a transparent pricing structure with a low fixed monthly fee, ensuring employees access primary care services without financial concerns.
?? Small Business Insurance: Take control of your business's healthcare expenses with our tailored small business insurance solutions. Whether you have three or thousands of employees, Assured Direct Care can be a stand-alone healthcare plan or seamlessly combined with high-deductible, self-funded, or medical cost-sharing plans.
?? Primary Healthcare: Embrace a proactive approach to health with our emphasis on comprehensive and preventive healthcare. Our DPC model reduces healthcare utilization, saving costs for both employers and employees.
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