SendEngage is an AI-driven Sales Automation Platform designed for small teams to engage a broad audience through personalized one-to-one emails. By utilizing our proven system, B2B companies can swiftly amplify lead generation, boost revenue, and reduce customer acquisition costs.
With the capability to connect unlimited corporate email accounts and the advantage of our inbox rotation, customers can effortlessly scale their outreach initiatives while ensuring optimal deliverability. Our campaign sequencer offers features like A/B testing, single-thread automated follow-ups, unlimited follow-up steps, variable inserts, and the automatic exclusion of prospects once they respond.
When prospects reply across multiple inboxes, we consolidate these responses in our Engagement section. Our AI analyzes email replies and categorizes them based on the level of interest. Low-value responses can be auto-discarded, and the respective contacts can be blocked from future communications. Conversely, high-value responses are automatically directed to the sales team for further action.
Our system operates on a usage-based model, accommodating unlimited contact storage, inbox connections, and users.
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